Luju Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Luju, founded in 1991, with extensive experience in hardware industry, specialized in stainless steel hardware for both industrial & marine applications, our products are shipped to USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Product Line

Luju Enterprise Co., Ltd. is committed to doing everything possible to provide our customers with superior services and products that meet their needs and provide lasting value. We offer marine hinge, boat hinge, marine hardware with high quality in Taiwan for many years. Also, our marine hinge is dynamic, economical, perfect, they all meet the standard requires, easy to use and of long durability. Welcome to contact with us if you are looking for highly efficient boat hinge, marine hardware.
Product Categories:
Luju Enterprise Co., Ltd. provides high-performance technology tools that give you actionable information to help you make decisions and take charge of your life. marine hinge, boat hinge, marine hardware also possess very high impact resistance. And all premium bone porcelain marine hinge from Luju Enterprise Co., Ltd. stand for uncompromising design. In addition, our marine hinge, boat hinge, marine hardware are highly demanded by our clients across the country for optimum quality. In order to ensure longer service life and reliability. If you are looking for marine hinge, boat hinge, marine hardware, please do not hesitate to inform us.